Thursday, November 4, 2010

Understand Me

Words cannot express how I feel today, words can never express how I ever feel. Its hard to pour emotion from pen to paper nor am I capable of typing up such irrelevant crap that nobody will well and  truly care about... Honest to God... I don't know what I am doing any more. I want to fucking cry but I cant, I want to do something but I cant, I want to be free but I cant. 
I am not a fucking Emotional wanker. I am a self indulgent fuck, who does not know what the fuck he is doing. I'm just scared... scared of everything. I'm a confused insignificant part of this world, the world functions like a finely tuned machine... without me the world will just function better. 
Understand Me? Please try to... for I cannot. 


  1. for what it's worth, i care a shitload for you and i'll always be here for you no matter what <3

  2. Sud, you're an artist who shall conquer the world and one day Mr Prior will be teaching about you!


    I found the MSPS yearbook. under "Ambition in life" you wrote that you wanted to become an artist. and I, honestly really do believe that you will make a damn good one! When I looked at your major freaking came alive!

    You're not alone, either. There are other people out there who just don't know anymore. This may not really be comforting, but personally...I'm not sure anybody will ever be free.

    okay, so i know this is like...2 weeks after you wrote this and you might be over it by now...but if you're writing it at nearly 5am...its most likely somethings been in your mind for a really long time. But Sud, I care. You probably don't think I mean it or don't give a shit about me. But I care. A long time ago you made me really happy when I felt so shit. So if I can return the favour, just tell me how and I'll do my best :)